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At The Wisborough Pub, Wisborough Green, West Sussex.

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From March to September there are 20 affordable family events at Wisborough Fields for you to enjoy - click here for more details. 



Are you Countryside Chic? do you want a wedding that is too? Well, at Wisborough Fields we offer you not only the land but the pub too. 



Camping at The Wisborough has long existed albeit under the old name of the Pub being The Bat & Ball. As with everytrhing, camping has had a makeover and facilities are now much better. 

Set in six acres of Wisborough Green

Wisborough Fields are fully supported by The Wisborough Pub, Dining Rooms & Gardens.


Set within the 6 acres of the Wisborough Pub Estate in West Sussex and just 58 minutes from London, Wisborough fields at The Wisborough Pub in Wisborough Green is a great countryside space with the added bonus of being fully supported by a grand old 16th century English pub. The fields are dedicated to Family fun in everyway and this is where you will find out more about what's going on this year.


Wisborough Fields breakdown into 5 areas being: the ancient apple garden, the private garden, the gated private field and the two wildflower meadows all of which are surrounded by mature trees and hedges. In addition there is over an acre of kitchen garden and of course all that the Wisborough Pub & Dining Rooms can offer in food, drink and friendly service. All-in-all, we are perfectly pitched for the best of Wisborough Weddings & Events be they large or small.


We have recently added brand new 'just like home' facilities to our land and we are now able to easily cater for Weddings or Events from 50 to 500. And, all of the facilties are at your disposal whether you are Glamping, taking one our 'Masters of the Game' courses or indeed of course getting married.


Wisborough Fields in Wisborough Green, West Sussex is a great location, right on the edge of the South Downs national park, just minutes' walk from beautiful canals and within shouting distance of lovely English villages such as Petworth and Midhurst. 


Please feel free to wander around our website and of course, please remember to 'let the grass grow under your feet' sometime soon. 

What's on this year at Wisborough fields ?

The answer to that is simply lots! whether you have earned the right to sport a hat, beard and classic, or you have your eye on your first bike, we will have events that are sure to be fun whatever your age. Wisbororugh Fields is a family space and each event will cater for for the whole family.


Events at 'The Fields' start in April with the Grand Countryside Bring & Buy and roll-on from there through to September.


Please have a look at our calender and feel free to drop us a line for further details. 


Weddings on Wisborough Fields.

Wisborough fields in Wisborough Green, West Sussex has a long history of countryside weddings and our newly refurbished pub, private club rooms and gardens are sure to make future events even more successful. We are able to just sit back and let you take-over an area or help you in great detail with planning and execution, regardless we will always be on-hand when you need us. We specialise in West Sussex Countryside Chic weddings and are able to cater from 50 to 500. There are many spaces to conisder, ancient apple gardens, private gated gardens and of course our main fields which are over an acre each. Please look into our website a little further and if your dream is to have a wedding in West Sussex, what better place to consider than Wisborough Fields in Wisborough Green.

Camping at Wisborough Fields 

Camping is fun whatever your age of that there is no doubt but, of course you will need a proper bathroom and hot shower! Wisborough fields have just installed a new bathroom block which ticks both boxes so no need to worry there. There is also a 'Camp Bar' for those that like a little lite refreshment and the prices are kept at what can only be described as 'cheapish'. So, all the space you need, all the hot water to keep clean and perhaps the best price beer or wine likely to be seen.

Wisborough Fields
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